Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's Passover! Let's Party at Boston's Iconic JEWISH Pubs!

PASSOVER is coming up and Boston is just as famous for it's Jewish Pubs as it is for places like the Black Rose or the Shaved Shillelagh. SO come along and take a tour and remember , A Manischewitz cocktail can knock you on your ass too!             


Shmukler's of Boston

Located in a refurbished Orange Line T car, Shmukler's is one of the most unique places to revel in overindulgence this side of the Charles River. Jason Shmukler founded this Jewish Speakeasy a short time ago and after realizing that Martini's would be a better money maker than Matzoh Brie. And now he has revamped and revolutionized. Ask for a Sex on the Beach and you are given a choice. You can have a drink made from delightfully fresh squeezed orange, cranberries straight from a local bog, locally sourced microdistilled maple sap vodka, Creme de Cassis and hand cut ice cubes all in a crystal Waterford glass. OR for the regulars you can actually have sex with one of his daughters over on Revere Beach. Now that's hospitality! You can order the Harvey Wallbanger and get the same fresh squeezed OJ with vodka and Galliano or you can lean up against the wall and get ....well you get the idea. This exemplary establishment deserves your drinking dollars this next Passover for certain!
Shmukler's of Boston

Shmukler Sisters

Fercockt & Bull

This so called "dive bar" has been nestled away in the seaport district long before the developers and the gentrified discovered the area. It is a true waterfront bar best known for it's surly bartenders and amazing value. For just a few shekels you can get the Kreplach Special! They have their own take on the Chinese soup dumplings that are all the rage right now. They fill a Maztoh Ball with chicken soup and you get ten for five dollars and they are delicious! Once in a while Shmuley the chef will surprise you with a gizzard or a chicken head so be careful when you eat them. You have to eat them a certain way so you don't burn your mouth. How to play with your balls.

Shmuley the Chef

Mini B with L

Bagel with Long Island Iced Tea


Alter Cocker's Wacky Packy

Jews don't really know diddley about the speakeasy craze. During this time period in American history they were mostly just trying to get through Ellis Island without having their names changed from Lifshultz to Lipshitz. But one man was a visionary. While most Jews were settling in Brooklyn and Brookline Mr. Hyman Kunstler moved his family to Revere beach. Growing up in the Shtetls of Germany he had never even glimpsed a beach before. He set up his small package store right across from the ocean next to Stromboli's Ravioli's. It was a perfect set up and remains so to this day. The secret Speakeasy behind the Wacky Packy is the reason to go. It's sort of a  Fiddler on the Roof meets Tiki Bar place. The Manischewitz Mai Tai is off the HOOK good and the Hot Pastrami Luau Feast is one of the areas best values for any celebration. Check it out when in Reveeeeeah.

Manischewitz Mai Tai

The Kosher Poser Watering Hole Tap Room & Shul

Temple Beth Shalom is the last place you would expect a Pop Up lounge/chophouse but lo and behold there it is! Once a month and twice in April the archetypal synagogue transforms into one of the most chic and trendy places to see and be seen in the Boston area. It helps to get on the guest list but if your name doesn't end in a Stein, Witz or Berg you should probably make friends with someone whose name does. Every Microbrew and top shelf liquor company is represented and are all passing out samples. The food may be Kosher but trust me on this, they are doing things with chopped liver that have NEVER been done before. The celebrity chef list reads like a show line up from the food network or at least the guest list at the Spielberg Bar-Mitzvah.  You won't run into Guy Fieri here folks but Ina Garten, Nigella Lawson, and Duff Goldman have recently made appearances. Even Bobby Flaystein is rumored to be coming this April to guest Chef. Hey Now!

Jewish American Princess Night
Not on guest list

Some Other Amazing Jewish Bars and Places Not to Miss

Shmendrick's Bagels and Beers

Bubeleh's Meshugena Drinkery

Horvitz Wine and Spritz

Faygela's (gay bar)

Weinstein's Stein's of Beer

Mispoche's Nosh n Get Sloshed

Bubbe's Doobies (new medical marijuna dispensary)

 So remember, St. Patty's is just the start of spring imbibing. Then we have Passover. Then  Easter, , May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Armed Forces Day, Victoria Day (Canada but who cares) and then Memorial Day! Summer is almost here! We don't have to be sober EVER!

 Isn't Boston the greatest city on earth? You bet your gluteus maximus it is!

So don't be a klutz. Shlep your keister over to one of these great places and kibbitz the night away!

Mazel Tov!!