Friday, November 22, 2013

Downtown Boston Part 1. PEOPLE, places and things.

Everyone keeps asking why I haven't put any of my pictures in the blog yet. My response is that I just started the thing! Calm DOWN! But this isn't a problem. Enjoy the pics. Most of them are from DTX.
That's Downtown Crossing in case you didn't know. The undisputed Hub of the Universe of which I have been elected Mayor.

 These two women only move when you tip them.  Or when a crazy person tries to touch them inappropriately
 The mounted units are  gone but not forgotten. Although the giant piles of horse poop everywhere are not missed.
 Two guys were fighting over who gets to wear that red shirt. They both lost.
 Someone stole this mimes shoes. She was miming, "Help Police!" one came.
 Here in Boston we have many races, creeds and nationalities. Colonials are one of those and are unique to Boston. They probably should be avoided. Unless you have a time machine. Then please send them back.

 Boston is sometimes known as the other cradle of Liberty. The very first protest happened here. (Boston Tea Party? Remember dummy?) So obviously we have a protest just about every minute in DTX.
 You give one undead a small piece of your mind and then everybody wants one!
 This is the obligatory St. Patty's Day Pic. Everything in Boston has a friggin shamrock on it! Irish this! Irish That! I haven't seen one sweatshirt with a Jewish Star on it. There's OTHER nationalities in Boston people!
 Big bike race on State Street..... that's all I got.
 The Hare Krishna's are also all over the place in Boston. Dancing, singing and passing out those stupid books. If they invite you dinner, don't go. The colonials might be there too.
 This guy was not selling those signs. I asked if I could buy one and he told me to go to hell.
 Boston like other cities has it's homeless population. They do not pahk the cah anywhere though because they don't have one. What? I can't even poke a little fun at the homeless? For what it's worth I took his pic and invited him to come home with me. he's looking over my shoulder as I type this.
 I hate segways. I have no idea why. When people are riding them I believe they think they are better than everyone else. Although I saw a guy fall off one. He was definitely not better than anyone else. he was unconscious .
 This is the inner city balloon animal alliance. ICBAI.  They rock. Many at risk kids have been taken from a life of dealing drugs and prostitution and were shown the way of the balloon.
 This is Charlie Day from the Always Sunny in Philadelphia show. He's a huge supporter of the Street Vending program in Boston.
 This person is an Improper Bostonian apparently.
 All I know is one of them said, "We have to put our heads together on this." and the next thing they were stuck.
 It was Kenneth Parcell Day in Boston (30 Rock) and these gentlemen of course took it too far.
 This man screams incomprehensibly non stop all day. I told him that we could just read the sign but he didn't listen.
 The Hatfields and McCoys sometimes vacation in Boston and entertain the masses while they are here. I was told not to throw any more bars of soap at them after one of them hit the girl right in the washboard.
 I have no idea who these people are. BUT if you're on Bromfield go to Boston Brewin Coffee. The guy on the right is beautiful. I had to take his pic.
 How do get 1000 loud Bostonians to stop and shut up?  Easy. Just knock down a building. (Filene's)
and finally, Boston is full of annoying clueless students. This crew was from Emerson. I'm kidding, they were OK.....very Gung Ho.